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The program is designed to help people get back, maintain and improve abilities needed in your daily life. This may include physical, mental and cognitive abilities. Rehabilitation can improve daily life.

Imagine a Life without Any Addiction

DocPlix Deaddiction Program Can Help!!

About the program

With this program our mission is to heal individuals, families and communities that are affected
in some or the other way by substance abuse or mental health issues.
With short term and long term care options we make a treatment plan for those struggling with
addiction whenever and wherever they are in need at home or treatment facility.


World- class doctors and therapist at your service


A community to support you in your journey


Easy to follow and self paced

What Does The Program Contain?

Expert Oncologist

Expert Psychiatrist

Dedicated Dietitian

Personalized Diet Dhart

Daily Yoga And Fitness Classes

Dedicated Psychologist

To Quit Smoking & Chewing Tobacco Comfortably, Join DocPlix Deaddiction Program Today

Deaddiction Program (Monthly)

Fallen into an addiction trap?

Find your path to recovery with Docplix de addiction program.

Your pillars to success

Avoiding Temptation and Peer Pressure

Seeking out intoxication every time you use

Help for mental illness

Mental illness and substance abuse are two sides of the same coin. If You are dealing with any
of this we help you with a therapist or counselor to get you out of it


Examining risk factors

A well researched information is analyzed about your biological environmental and physical risk
factors and a plan to overcome them all(content)

Keeping a well-balanced life

Development of stress management skills that will help you overcome these life stressors and will help you live a balanced and healthy life and ultimately kick off the drug abuse slowly and progressively

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Freedom from Smoking & Chewing Tobacco

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Freedom from mental illness

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Better Health

It's never too early and never too late when
it comes to your health.

Make the well-being of your health a priority, manage and with the right diet and exercise and
support get yourself out of substance abuse.

Specialized and Experienced Doctors

Yoga And Fitness Trainings

Personalized Diets Plans And Dietitians

Dedicated therapy coach


We resolve all your queries. Don’t be afraid
of seeking answers to your questions and doubts

Cigarettes deliver the “free-base” form of nicotine to the brain. Just like crack cocaine is more addictive than plain cocaine, free base nicotine is much more powerful than plain nicotine. That’s why even the idea of giving up cigarettes can be so depressing. The good news is that, unlike many other drugs, nicotine addiction can be treated fairly easily and effectively. Ask for help. You don’t just deserve to quit, you deserve to quit well.

Smoking is a complicated thing. Smokers feel that smoking is important for many reasons. It can help them feel more comfortable with their friends. Some use cigarettes to help control weight. A very common feeling is that smoking helps to relieve stress by helping people feel relaxed and satisfied.

Very few smokers who try to quit without help are successful. Nicotine changes the way the brain works. Nicotine is more addictive than alcohol, heroin or cocaine.


Quitting smoking is not just about breaking a bad habit and it is certainly not just about willpower. Even those of us who are able to put cigarettes down, find it difficult to stay off. The more help you get, the easier it will be to remain smoke free.

While nicotine leaves your system within a few days of quitting, the effects of nicotine on your brain are more long lasting than that. Your brain needs time to heal, sometimes up to a few years. During that time, it’s not uncommon to feel a subtle desire to pick up a cigarette. A slip is not a sign of weakness, but rather a sign that your brain hasn’t finished healing yet.


A slip doesn’t mean you are a smoker again. It is simply the time to ask for help and get back to quitting.

Believe it or not, smoking is enjoyable for smokers. The cigarette is the easiest way to deliver nicotine to the brain, and nicotine is one of the most powerful drugs creating satisfaction. It works so well because it turns on the “gut instinct” part of the brain, and that instinct tells the smoker they’re safe, comfortable and content when nicotine is around.

Most smokers know smoking is not good for them. But their gut instincts tell them quitting is a bad idea. That sets up a conflict that many smokers deal with for decades… wanting to quit but not wanting to quit at the same time! This can result in feelings of shame, embarrassment, and a fear of failure.

Motivation to quit is complicated. It’s not because you don’t understand how bad smoking is for you. And it’s not because you don’t care about your health. It’s because nicotine is a powerfully addictive drug that is capable of motivating us to keep using, more so than even alcohol or heroin. The fact that you can keep smoking despite your experience is not a function of how weak you are, it’s a function of how powerful nicotine is.

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