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Liquid Diet and weight loss

Let us get the basics clear first.
The very first question that pops our head is what exactly is a liquid diet?
As the name itself suggests, a liquid diet means you will be getting all, or let’s say least most of your daily calories from drinks(i.e

A clear liquid diet is something that you maybe put you on for a little while. It is often advised before a surgery or even to patients with some digestive issues. It won’t provide you with all the calories and nutrients that your body demands so you can’t follow these diet plans for long and are advised only under medical supervision.

Some People opt for liquid diets for Obesity reversals. The liquid diet here is restricted to fruit or vegetable juices, or even some milk shakes. These liquid drinks can replace all of your meals or in some cases just one or two meals (like breakfast and lunch). You also get snacks between meals on some of these diet plans.

With these diet plans one can cut down on calories and can help you with your weight loss goal.However one shouldn’t stick to these plans for too long. Talk to your dieticians before you plan to shift on a liquid diet.

The next question that comes to our head is, can this liquid diet really help us achieve our weight loss goal? Liquid diets do work,like any other diet plan that lowers your calorie intake than you usually consume. Liquid diets can help you by taking the guesswork out of portion control. They’re also beneficial in patients who have trouble chewing food.

The drawback with these diet plans is that the results may not last. In diet plans like this you drastically cut calories which in turn
slows your metabolism to save energy. Unless and until there are changes in your eating habits, there are high chances of relapse after you go off the liquid diet.

Take a note home..
Liquid diet plans usually replace some or all meals with liquids.

They’re often low calorie and may help with weight loss.

Some diet plans include nutritionally balanced meal replacement shakes, while there are some other plans that only allow juices or beverages that may be very less nutritious.

Liquid meal replacements can surely help with weight management but they are just a single part of a program that includes solid diet.
There exists no one for all diet plans.They vary according to your weight loss goal and body fat. It is advisable to always plan your
weight loss management under the guidance of a well trained expert.

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