Imagine a life without stress and anxiety.

Docplix breakthrough mental wellbeing program has achieved what medicines and other treatments have not! Effective stress levels reduced with sucessful outcomes

Imagine a life without stress and anxiety.

Mental wellbeing is secret of effective self care

About the program

“To be healthy as a whole, mental wellness plays an important role” With that in mind, we at docplix work on technology that regularly monitors your stress and anxiety levels. Correlating these data with your diet and lifestyle allows you to understand the root cause of behaviour changes. All the data is then summoned up to give each person his/her personalized reccomendations on diet, exercise,sleep schedules, and stress management.


World- class doctors at your service


A community of mental health aspirant to support you in your journey


Easy to follow and self paced.

What Does The Program Contain?


regular monitoring and clinical examination.


-regular meditation

-yoga and fitness

-focused relaxation by paying attention to self love and self care.

customized diet

-helps in managing hyperness and stress levels with food items that calm nerves and mind

Inner healing

-Calm body and mind

– Mindfull breathing


-releasing pain and tension.

Modification Of
Exercise Pattern

– burns extra calories
-weight management

-boost work efficiency

– active body active mind


make this year a mindful decision

Four pillars of transformation

Expert medical care

Expert medical care that allows you to stay calm and conscious

Diet modification

Personalized Diet plans to limits excess calories, complex carbohydrates and including proteins and vitamins accordingly


Physical activity

Ability to stay mindful and stress free with a simple and sustainable lifestyle by indentifying required exercises

Inner reformation

A system design that helps in early detection as well as approach in complete inner healing for lasting results

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Freedom from Medicine

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Better Health

It's never too early and never too late when
it comes to your health.

Make the well  being of your body and mind a priority, manage stress and anxiety levels with our expert team

Specialized and Experienced Doctors

Yoga And Fitness Trainings

Personalized Diets Plans And Dietitians

Dedicated Health Coach

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of seeking answers to your questions and doubts

Mental and emotional well-being, as well as interactions with our surroundings, are all parts of mental health (how we act).

Yes, Docplix provides a mental wellness program.

Patterns or changes in thought, mood, or behaviour that cause distress or impair a person’s capacity to function are referred to as mental illnesses or mental health disorders.

Depression, psychosis, schizophrenia, alcohol and substance abuse, suicide and suicidal thoughts are just a few of the typical mental health issues.

Hearing voices in your head, seeing pictures in your head that aren’t there, feeling gloomy about life, losing interest in things that used to fascinate you, wanting to end your life, feeling concerned about anything, etc.

This has no certain solution. However, the likelihood of mental health issues has been linked to exposure to certain environmental chemicals, sickness, and family history of specific disorders.

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